Our Journey to Adopt Anna!

We began our adventure to adopt a little girl from China in the summer of
2005. You can visit our timeline here.

On August 10, 2006, we got a call from the Waiting Child Department of
our wonderful adoption agency. Our counselor told us that they had a
little 16 month old girl named Jiang Yi Qin with albinism set aside for us
if we were still interested in adopting a child with a special need. Of
course, we said yes, and she e-mailed us her information immediately.
After a long night of researching albinism, we decided that Yi Qin was
the perfect child for us, and we let our agency know that we would like to
adopt her. They FedEx'ed us the paperwork, and on Monday, August 14,
we expressed mailed our "Letter of Intent to Adopt a Special Needs
Child" back to our agency, who then forwarded it on to the Chinese
Center for Adoption Affairs. They will pull our dossier from the traditional
adoption program and review it, and if we pass muster, they will issue
our travel approval in 2-3 months.

We may still have our little girl home for Christmas! Lots of preparations
to make! I suppose this means we have to get all of my junk out of the
spare bedroom!

You can see Anna's referral photos here.