Billie and Joe have lived in Waterford, Vermont, since 2001. They own
Companion Pet Care, a veterinary clinic in Littleton, New Hampshire.
Billie is the veterinarian and Joe is the bookkeeper. Joe also teaches
courses at the Community College of Vermont and New Hampshire
Technical College, and continues to do research consulting for the
Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning in Wichita, Kansas.

Billie and Joe are both active in their church, Christ the Redeemer
Lutheran Church in Barre, Vermont. Billie directs the choir and serves as
an accompianist for services when needed. Joe serves on the church
council as the chairman of the Adult Education Committee.

In her spare time, Billie plays the clarinet with the St. Johnsbury Band
and the Northeast Kingdom Community Orchestra. Joe enjoys computer
role-playing games and is busily trying to learn how to play the bass
guitar. They both like to ride their motorcycles around the beautiful
Northeast Kingdom in Vermont and the White Mountains of New
Hampshire. They also spend a lot of time on home improvement
projects, and projects at the clinic. They love to watch college football
and basketball, especially the Oklahoma Sooners and the Penn State
Nittany Lions.

Since the fall of 2005, Billie and Joe have been spending much of their
time pursuing their dream of adopting a little girl from China. You can
read about that adventure here.